During Kate Middleton’s operation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are accused of “fueling” rumours about her health

After having abdominal surgery in the middle of January, Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day. She is still healing from the procedure.

Although it may take longer, the Princess of Wales is anticipated to be off royal duties for one additional month.

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King Charles, meantime, has been receiving cancer treatment since it was revealed at the start of February, following his shocking diagnosis. As the number of senior royal family members who were employed rapidly decreased, rumours circulated around the possibility of Harry and Meghan making an unexpected comeback to the royal life.

Harry and Meghan have been cautioned against discussing Kate in the interim. They are, meanwhile, being accused of stoking rumours concerning her health at the same time.

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Following her stomach surgery, Kate Middleton is currently recuperating. The “planned” procedure was performed on the Princess of Wales in the middle of January. She was with her family again when she went back to Adelaide Cottage after her 13-day stay at The London Clinic.

The pair gave up a lot of information about royal life through their Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview, the six-part Netflix series, and Harry’s Spare book. Harry also shared with the public his belief that he had been abused by his family.

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The Sussexes do not adhere to the same regulations on remaining silent on particular issues because they are no longer a member of the royal family. According to reports, the couple has desired to be more involved in the Los Angeles celebrity circle and closer to Hollywood. Meghan’s extensive history of successful acting roles will undoubtedly facilitate her fulfilment.

However, while Kate recovers from her surgery, the numerous rumours and conspiracy theories surrounding her have been badly impacted by Harry and Meghan’s subsequent outspokenness.

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This is according to royal analyst Kinsey Schofield, who asserts that despite the Sussexes’ silence about the Princess of Wales, they have helped to feed rumours about her.

Schofield asserted on Sky News that the public’s perception of what the royal family should share has been “warped” by Harry and Meghan.

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over the numerous rumours and conspiracy theories over Kate’s health, Schofield said Sky News, “I think this is a reflection of Harry and Meghan oversharing for the last four (years).”

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