Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child. See heaven’s got a plan for you

With the arrival of a baby in the world
come worries of parenting and protecting it. Becoming a parent is the most
amazing and wonderful feel. The world starts changing for parents and every
moment they think about the baby only. Most new parents experience feelings of
worries, doubts, fear along with love and faith. If you are also a worry wart
then don’t be. You just try to make his/her life a big happy moment. Sometimes
terrible things can strike our happy family and our kids. Something like this
happened with Evie, a beautiful daughter of Emma Whitefield and see what she

Evie had a few months to live as
shockingly, she was having a brain tumor.
Her mother decided to make her last days
her happiest days without letting her know that she is going to die really

She asked her daughter that what all she
would want to do and wish for if she was a Queen. She then went on to fulfil
all her wishes.
The little girl enjoyed in Legoland and
also met the popular teen band, One Direction.

She found a new best friend in a cute
little puppy.

With the passing time, Emma did everything
that was on her wish list.

After a few months, the little princess
died peacefully completely satisfied with all she got in the recent months.

Sometime back she wished to go with her
father to buy her mom a Pandora bracelet for her upcoming birthday.

However, she couldn’t live long enough to
see her mother open her birthday gift and rejoice.

Emma waited patiently to open the gift on
her birthday and be joyful rather sad.

the deeds which Emma did for her child were heart-melting and blissful. Every
parent in a similar situation should learn from this lady and act. After the
passing away of Evie, an organization was made to help children with similar
tumours and is running successfully with people’s help.

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