Couple gets married on Mount Everest and the pictures are stunning!

There is a common saying that love can cross any hurdle but this story takes the myth to another level. This California resident decided to get married on the highest peak in the world. They planned it for over a year to make their wedding special and unique. James Sisson and Ashley Schmeider weren’t content with normal wedding procedure. This couple arrived in Nepal in the month of March and it took them 3 months to climb 17,000 feet height. Even though the terrain was difficult, tough, and uncomfortable, it didn’t deter them. This couple gets married on Mount Everest even though it was covered in deep snow, low oxygen, and freezing temperature. Charleton Churchill was accompanying this couple who is known for taking best wedding photographs. He showcases the stunning pictures which are engulfed by blue sky, white snow, and rugged stone. At Writical, we congratulate this couple and wish them best of luck in their future endeavor. Check out these amazing pictures of this couple gets married on Mount Everest. You can also visit Churchill’s website or Instagram page for more info.

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