Couple Adopts Dying Neighbour’s 3 Kids. When They Get Home, Their Old House Has Gone.

This is beautiful. Such a modest woman too….”I just did what anyone in my shoes would have done…” No Hunny, you went above and beyond to save those kids from the system, just the financial stress of providing for a family that large is a massive sacrifice to make, thankfully love is priceless.

FOX5 Surprise Squad Gives Family of Ten BIGGEST Surprise Ever!

#SURPRISESQUAD: A mother of five gains guardianship of three children after a tragedy. Her and her husband's unwavering love inspires the FOX5 Surprise Squad's BIGGEST surprises ever!A heartfelt thanks to our Surprise Squad partners: United Nissan, America First Credit Union, Albertsons and Vons

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This will make you cry.It is a story of love and kindness.

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