Cheetah Milani Becomes a Proud mother

People always like to visit zoos even being an adult. Children like zoos as they like to watch and study some beautiful animals on the Earth like pandas, seals and lions. People are always more excited to see the big cats. Milani is a 3 year old cheetah in Metro Richmond Zoo. She gave birth to five cubs taking time of above 6 hours in 2014. More than 6 hours is quite a long time to be in labor. A camera was installed to see the mother cheetah who was trying to find out a leisure place to give birth. And gradually one by one the cubs were born. Such an amazing event made everyone to cry. All the babies whether of a human or animal, are a gift. And Cheetah Milani becomes a proud mother that day giving world to five babies. Watch the video about Cheetah Milanito know more about it.

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