Cats play patty cake while humans films their ritual


Cats are cute and adorable, but there are times when humans consider them hideous. Here is one such hilarious video, where you will them in action performing a nightly ritual. These cats play patty cake while being filmed by the humans. The cats even had the courage to call out the cameraman for disturbing them in this video. The original video was uploaded in the year 2008 and still is considered among the best cats videos of all time. The uploader “hkbecky” disclosed that her cats love to play patty cake, but stops whenever they saw her. When they feel that she has left them alone, they have a go at it again. The uploader of this Cats play patty cake video is JC Elliot, who made few changes to the original video which you will see here. The voiceover is amazingly hilarious. Watch the small but hilarious clip here and make your day.

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