His boss refused time off, what he did next is Epic

This is a story of a man who worked two shifts to earn some money. He also had to take care of both of his grandparents. His grandpa was suffering from dementia and was really sick. If that wasn’t enough, his grandmother also suffered stroke a month later. He now had more responsibility. His grandfather’s sickness went from bad to worse and he eventually died. So he called up both of his workplaces and asked for a 2 week leave. The first place happily agreed to do that whereas at the second place the boss refused time off. The boss told him that it doesn’t take 2 weeks to bury someone. However, the next sequence of events that followed is absolutely shocking but the man came back hard at his boss. Find out what he did to his boss. Did you think the man did the right thing to the boss who refused time off?

His boss refused time off for his grandpa funeral

Share this stunning story of this man and his boss who refused time off.

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