Blind Autistic Kid mesmerizes crowd with his voice.


This video main protagonist is Christopher Duffley. He was born prematurely and was underweight. He also had troubled parent. To top it off he also suffered from autism and was blind. Christopher Duffley is one of the unlucky kids. The reason behind his autism and blindness can be attributed to the cocaine ridden mother. All these shortcomings could stop Christopher Duffley from his full potential and conquers all his fears head on. Christopher Duffley has passion for music and loves to sing. This blind autistic kid mesmerizes crowd with his powerful voice wherever he goes. In this video, he performs “Lean on Me” for the crowd and is joined by other children from the Nashville’s World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir. This blind autistic kid mesmerizes crowd as well as the children who are standing the background.

No shortcoming can stop anyone from reaching their goal and this kid proves it emphatically. Share this story and this video to others so that they can admire Christopher Duffley.