Beloved Clever Dog General escapes from kennel to go home

Dogs are the most loyal animals that do everything for their loving family. This is the story of beloved clever dog General who was kept in kennel while his family went for vacation. Missing his family greatly, General decided to go home. He made a great escape by easily pushing through the second door of Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia. But pushing through the third door became quite impossible for him initially. General turned the door’s handle in a genius stroke, pulled it down and opened the door. He finally found his way after making out of the fourth door. The whole incident left all the hospital staffs surprised when they found him missing. General’s family was very worried after knowing about General’s escape from the hospital. They even posted an alert message on Facebook and luckily, he was soon found relaxing in the yard of next door neighbor. General had to go through great deal of troubles to come back home finally. He has proved his commitment and ingenuity towards his family with this act.

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