Be ready to get scared with some freakiest things of the world!!!

It’s quite artistic to craft a
perfect horror story. It’s not at all an easy task to horrify someone with a
movie or a book unless your tale is a real one. It gets quite freaky when the
things are actually real. Whisper the social sharing website had asked its all users
to share some of the creepiest incidences with the strange things when they
were home alone. The outcomes were really terrifying.

Statutory warning- Avoid reading them
before going to bed. It may lead to sleepless nights.

1.     That something when you
have taken an overdose of caffeine.

Someone was calling out my name again and again. But I was all alone at home. After that I heard someone moving on the floor outside my room. But nobody was there.

2.     Oh my god!

I was going to bed early
as I was home alone; therefore I locked my bedroom’s door. Suddenly what I saw
is that all the commodities were lying at the middle of the room and the door
was still locked.

3.     No way left.
Recently I was lying on
the bed and was talking on my phone. Suddenly the bed started shaking
violently. I got out of that place quickly.

4.     Imagine what they might
have assumed it when they did not know that it was a bird?
A bird was falling down
the chimney and was wailing and flapping continuously.  It turned me absolutely crazy.

5.     It impossible for me to
sleep in that bed again.
I was all alone sleeping
on my bed and after some time I felt as if someone is stroking my hair softy.
But I found no one out there.

6.     It had made me awake for
A often heard a little
girl giggling. But I was residing in the middle of the road side, no neighbors
across miles and I don’t even have any younger sister.

7.     I hope that was just a
It was around 4 in the
morning I found myself unable to move, talk or scream. I heard my sister’s
voice outside the room but when I turned back I found her sleeping.

8.     It too difficult to explain
how unsettling that was.
Someone had dialed 911 for
calling cops after hearing yelling in my house. But that day I was all alone in
my house.

9.     Bedrooms are not safe
As I passed near my
bedroom I probably saw myself lying on my bed. When I turned turned back to
confirm that no one was there.

10.  Even the Siri are not
Siri started a
conversation when I was fast asleep. After that day I quit sleep along with my

I felt an acute shortage
of words while expressing and unwinding these unsettling stories. If you still
have some guts left, then you can surely take a look to these horror fictional
stories. It’s really worse!
It’s better to check the
Finally he quickly drove
away from there in his car. And when he felt safe and stopped to take a breath,
I voice came from the backseat saying” leaving so soon?”
Extremely dark
He ran towards the next
door and found it locked too. As the horrible clawed hand pulled him back to
the other room, the boy ultimately collapses in exhaustion.
No never ever!!!
I assumed the scratches on
the basement door might be done by  any
dog when we bought that house but later when the neighbor told us that earlier
they were not there. The scratches even multiplied the next morning.
Oh that was so creepy!
“Agreed, mam, no more
discussion about that man in my closets, now I am going for sleep” but he is
now moving towards your room, alright?
The start was okay but
after then…..
I love to sleep with my
little daughter at night. Despite of the increase in the pungent and irritating
smell of her rotting flesh, I still love to snuggle with her.
Burn all dolls
Even though my children
cried a lot, I burned all their dolls. They are not able to understand my fear
as they assume that every night it was me who move their dolls into their beds.
After this I will never like to sleep
alone. All the stories are extremely creepy and a month left until Halloween.

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