Antique Dealer sets roof over homeless man

Most often a whole business is affected for some mal-practitioners. Such is the case of antique dealing. People often tend to consider the antique dealers to be corrupted who treacherously obtain more money from the customers than the proper amount of an antique item.

But not all the antique dealers come under this category. Some of them have their sense and dignity and they really have value for their profession. They have a keen insight into antique dealing and passionate about antiques. You can’t bargain with them but neither will the cheat on you. You can rely on them blindly because they value the business more than their life.

Such is the case of Alexander Archbold who has long been associated in antique dealing business and has a reputation of his own among his customers. His shop Curiosity Inc. is rightly named because he gathers numerous fascinating antique items for his potential consumers which truly evoke curiosity and any antique lover would love to collect them at such a reasonable price that he sets.

Recently he has encountered a homeless man right in front of his shop located at Alberta in Canada and the following incident is sure to give you goosebumps!

The homeless man Adams goes straight to his shop full of antique valuable stuff with a plastic bag. Archbold could guess from the sight of the bag that it is filled with something heavy.

Now, this is quite an innovative sight because Adam lives in a nearby dump. He goes to Archbold and opened the plastic to him. To his amazement, he found multiple trinkets within the plastic bag!

Archbold examined them thoroughly and something extraordinary stuff draws his attention and his experienced eyes searches for more. Within minutes he could find out a broken picture frame along with a sketch drawing from the classic production of Disney Bambi.

The drawing depicted the incident when Bambi learns how to walk right after he is born.

Disney has his own fan base and Archbold was sure to sell it at a retail for a $100 and as a commission Archbold gives Adam $20 on spot.

After Adam’s leave, Archbold scrutinizes the picture once more. And this time he remained dumbstruck!

He found that the picture is not merely a mass-produced picture associated with Bambie’s screen release. Initially, he thought the picture may date back to 1942 when the movie was released but to his awe he found that the picture is even more special!

The picture contains a certificate of its authenticity which dates back to 1937 making the item a genuine part of the original animation picture frame used in the movie itself!

Archbold immediately contacted the USA gallery which exhibits a similar sort of original piece of animation drawing and they set the item for $3500. Archbold managed to sell it for $3700 in eBay.

And here comes the happy ending. Archbold gave his share of the entire $1700 to Adam and even created a page GoFundMe for Adam which has managed to raise $18000 for Adam! The latter now has a permanent roof on his head.

And people of this sort truly restore our faith in humanity.

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