Amazing pictures of coolest village on earth… This place is freezing!

in cold weather is always the worse part. But for the natives of this village
the situation is even worst. Photographer Amos Chapple took these extraordinary
pictures of the coolest village on earth situated in Oymyakon, Russia.
  Even the pictures of this place are quite

The frozen
road of Oymyakon

Pole of

Look at
this poor guy.

-50 degree
Celsius is the average temperature for January. 

are preferred by the people of Oymyakon for living. The frozen grounds in
Oymyakon lack sewage system.

Meat and
fish is the staple food as agriculture is not possible here.

The cool cows. Shelter is
must for the cows here.

Here people
can’t dare to turn off their car before placing them inside the heated garage.

No good
market place in town.

heating plants are essential for survival here.

A worthy
attempt to get rid of snow

But the
fashion fever is always high

in this weather is like a nightmare.

Better use
snow boots

Oh the Heat

But the
villagers are still happy.

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