Adorable Quokka meets a cyclist and takes selfie with him.

Once, Campbell-Jones was cycling in Rottnest in Australia with his girlfriend. Then out of the blue, they meet the friendliest and adorable quokka. When he tried to get back on his bike, the quokka chased towards him. So he put down his GoPro camera and jumped towards him as if it wants him to come back. On his Instagram page, he was asked why this adorable quokka came up to him, he made a funny remark that it was because of his good look. Quokkas are a herbivorous animal and are usually nocturnal. These marsupial animals have only a few predators and are often safe around other animals. Quokka is an endangered species and we hope that this post raises awareness about their conservation.

21 years old Campbell along with his girlfriend was biking when they met with this adorable quokka

When he was walking back toward his bike he chased after him

It was love at first sight for both of them

When he put down his camera, this quokka jumped at him


Please share this viral post with as many people as possible and raise awareness about quokka conservation.