Adorable kids playing Hide and Seek in their own way…..

Kids are
always adorable. Their actions speak for their innocence. These kids have found
a wonderful way for playing the game of hide and seek. Their hiding techniques
are not so good but still quite admirable.

1.     The
towel can’t hide you completely dear.

2.     Wow.
That’s so cute.

3.     Warmth
and entertainment at the same time.

4.     The
most adorable lamp ever.

5.     It
was that near.

6.     This
stuffed alligator is doing cheating.

7.     Curtain’s

8.     Most
comfortable hiding place.

9.     Self-made
hiding place.

10.  You
can Cuddle this hiding place

11.  The
robe is causing the trouble.

12.  Hiding
with your best buddy is fun.

13.  To
hide there, you have to lose weight dear.

14.  Feet
are doing the conspiracy.

15.  Heights
of cuteness.

16.  An
innocent failure.

17.  He
is surely expert in this game.

18.  Computer
table can never be a good hiding place.

the hiding tricks of these cute little kids are just adorable.

parent would love to play with these super cute babies.
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