A woman travels 14 years to shoot World’s oldest trees

Beth Moon
is no ordinary woman; she has travelled for more than 14 years looking for some
of most exquisite and old trees around the globe. This San Francisco located photographer,
developed the images in a unique and laborious way. She used Platinum and
Palladium to increase longevity of the photos, the elements used for developing
is extremely rare. The outcome of this onerous task is nothing short of


recently published her work in a book, titled as “Ancient Trees: Portraits of
Time”. In this book, there are 60 beautiful dual tone photographs.         



to the publisher of the book, this composite volume covers supreme dual tone attractive
photographs on a full-page.



beautiful entangled tree is thousands years old. This tree is located at the English
Churchyards of Madagascar Island. It is also known as Upside down Tree, because
of the peculiar disproportion of its humongous trunk and its moderate
branches.  Another umbrella formed tree is
in Horn of Africa on the island of Socotra.







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Beth Moon’s work, be the first to look at her latest
This magnanimous album comprises photos of trees against the starry background.
This visually incredible book is a perfect partner to her black and white set.  

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