A kid schooled this homophobic man. This is Gold.

This is a story of a mom and a kid, who were shopping for the classmate birthday. They were looking for jewellery, tiara and wand as a dress accessory, when the kid put on a tiara and was enjoying the moment with his mother. Suddenly, a man who was watching the kid from the closed quarter, warned the mother to stop this shenanigans as he might turn out gay. This homophobic not only stunned the mother but also the entire quite who were giggling at the playfulness of the kid. Since the man used an offensive term to describe gay, the kid obviously had no idea what it actually meant. The mother made her understood that only nasty people use this term. Nevertheless, the man was adamant and also made the kid understand what was the true meaning of the word.  Read on to find out what did the kid said to this homophobic man that shut him down completely.


Please share this story with as many people as people to help them understand the true meaning of showing compassion and understanding who are little bit different from you.

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