A husband left his wife abruptly but the reality is Heartbreaking.

This is story of a woman whose husband left her abruptly. They met at senior year college .Every day they met at a bar as she was the bartender. They dated and the first date was a disaster.  They both ended up getting food poisoning. They both stayed around to get master’s degrees.  After a year they moved together. They adopted a cat and named it Carl. She used to joke that he likes Carl more than her. After she has finished taking her comprehensive exam to get a master’s degree, he proposed her to marry him. It was just perfect for five years. But one day as she was sick, he did the breakfast. She forced him to go to the office. But when a policeman knocked the door she realised that her husband left her abruptly. Read the full story and see what happened when the policeman knocked the door and how she responded was priceless.abruptly

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