A Couple At The Church

The duo endured a lengthy sermon at the church, and the woman eventually gave in to exhaustion, drifting off to sleep. Seeing this, her husband tried to rouse her gently with a nudge.  At this point, the priest asked the congregation a question.

The priest then inquired about the gathering that had led the Israelites to freedom from slavery in Egypt. Startled awake from her slumber, the wife exclaimed, “The Almighty!” before dozing off again.

Later, when questioned about the one who had sacrificed for the forgiveness of their sins, she firmly declared, “Jesus Christ!” The woman continued to doze during the sermon, somewhat annoyed by her husband’s unexpected nudge, which was quite unsurprising. Her husband made another attempt to wake her when the priest raised another question.

The priest asked, “What words did Eve speak to Adam after the birth of their last child?” She responded irritably, “I swear, if you touch me with that again, I’ll snap it in half.” According to a close friend, Jerry Springer harbored a significant secret until his passing. Cher and her 40-year-old partner divorced five months after exchanging a diamond engagement ring.

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