A Cheetah Approaches As This CRAZY man Lays Down By A Tree, What happens next will shock you!

Everyone knows that Cheetahs are wild animals that hunt most of their lives and are not to be messed with. Although they’re not the most aggressive African animal, they’re still fierce predators with huge paws and very sharp teeth. That doesn’t mean we should be terrified of them, but it’s wise to respect them and keep our distance.


The man in the next video is Dolph C. Volker, a volunteer at Cheetah Experience. When he lays down by a tree, one of the cheetahs named Eden approaches him. But this specific cheetah is quite different from the others. She’s so friendly and calm, she’s used as a therapeutic companion for another disabled female cheetah at the park. Now watch what happens when she lays next to Dolph, I wasn’t expecting such a reaction from her.