94-year-old Grumpy Grandpa regained Interest in Life for this Cat.


The cat, Kinako made the life of a 94-year-old Grumpy grandpa turned upside down. Jiji, the grandpa commuted to his office for 64 years after the war ended. But he was taken to the hospital in 2009 and there the doctor declared him as sick. Jiji was gradually losing his interest in life and was becoming ill-tempered day by day. It was this time that Kinako, the cat came to live with them. Soon, an amazing friendship started to develop between the grandpa and Kinako. Nobody expected that this frightened cat will make friendship with a 94-year-old grumpy grandpa. This must be how the boundary between animals and humans melts.

All together

The Only Love


Always alongside

Warm Afternoon



Pen-Paw hurdle

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