Widower asks her employee to strip off her clothes, but then she said this

This is a story of a widower who husband was a rancher. After the death of her husband she had to take care of the ranch but she had no idea how to do it. So she put an ad for the job in the local newspaper. Only two cowboys replied to the job. One of the cowboys was a drunk and another one was shy. She decided to hire the shy one as it would be safe for her. The cowboy proved to be a hard worker and the widower was impressed by his work ethics. After few weeks, the widower asked him to take a break and have a blast. The hired cowboy agreed to her proposal and went off on a Saturday night. However, the widower was waiting for him as he didn’t return. When he came back it was late in night. She asked him to strip off her clothes. But what follows next is astoundingly hilarious. Read the full story here and know what happens next when she told him to strip off her clothes.

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