15 meaningful photos that will help you to smile and feel positive about life

There are beautiful photos, and then there are meaningful photos that can change your perspective towards life and make you feel happy and joyous. Here is a list of selected meaningful photos depicting a whole new meaning of love and kindness.

Love is truly unconditional

meaningful photos A light moment of friendship between a cow and a cat on a farm in Quebec, Canada.

A splashy encounter

meaningful photos Elephants splashing water at the villagers during the time of New Year Celebration in the Ayutthaya Province, North Bangkok, Thailand

A smile defining gratefulness

meaningful photos This donkey seemed to be happily smiling after being saved from drowning

Sheer Playfulness

meaningful photos Here’s a Danish policeman playing guessing game with a little migrant child in Denmark

Redefining Kindness

meaningful photos A flight attendant feeding a old man who had recently suffered a stroke

The ultimate joy of life

meaningful photos Lima and Peru; two paralysed dogs getting a chance to re-live their life as earlier

Many Happy Returns of the Day

meaningful photos A walrus is being wished by a zoo-keeper with a cake made of herrings

Library on the go

meaningful photos This Indonesian man Ridwan Sururi is arranging selected books for a specialize library on the go while this little soul is busy looking for an interesting read

A heart that cares

meaningful photos Naoto Matsumura, the man in this picture was not afraid of staying in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone. He left the town and returned to take care of the animals left at home


meaningful photos Two young boys returning home after school, Nairobi, Kenya

A helping hand

meaningful photos This boy named Bilal from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, risked his life during the flood in Noakhali district and saved the life of this deer

Beyond blue fields

meaningful photos This photograph shows two young girls running across the bluebells field, Marlborough, England

Being kind is not that tough

meaningful photos A mother of five was urgently hospitalized, these policemen came to rescue and helped by washing dishes and preparing lunch for those five kids back at home

Age doesn’t really matters

meaningful photos An old woman playing with a kitten, Shanghai, China

Up above the sky

meaningful photos A young man excited and jumping up in the air during the Bung Bang Fai festivals of Rocket which celebrates rainy season in Yasothon, Thailand

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