Unbelievable act by dog made his mother smile

It is difficult to understand whether the pet is happy or not. We can guess by their act around us. If you ever thought that pets are impressionable then wait till you watched this video. Herbert was months old when he was rescued by PAWS Chicago. He was put in a foster home instead of a shelter. It was done so that he could get used to the indoor environment. Herbert lives with PAWS volunteer Amanda Robles and she is one who captured this video. This unbelievable act by dog made Amanda laugh so hard. In the video, you will see Herbert sitting on his haunches and then gets to hear Amanda’s calling. What this dog did next make her laugh so hard that she couldn’t stop it. The current, situation of Herbert is that he has found a foster home after waiting in the shelter for 2-3 months. We hope this funny puppy gets a life he deserves. Enjoy the video here and have a good laugh about it.

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