Toughest CIA interview achieved without any hiccup

CIA is a reputed government organisation, cracking their interview is one of the most difficult tasks. CIA was conducting an interview for assassins, after rigorous training, testing and background checks; there were only three shortlisted candidates. The finalists consisted of two men and women and the handler instructed them to assassinate their wives and husband. During the test, the first man was provided with a gun and sent inside a large metal door and was ordered to kill his beloved wife. Unfortunately, he could not do it; hence, the interviewer relieved him. The second man also had to undertake the same difficult task to kill his wife, after spending few minutes inside the chamber and told the interviewer that he could not do it. Lastly, the woman went inside and the people outside heard few shots and screams was heard. When the woman came out, all the perplexed people were wondering what happened inside the room. The woman then went to say something, which stunned the people around her.

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