Top 10 national stereotypes that are absolutely false

Stereotypes are playful but at the same time quite harmful. They makes people prejudice for a specific subject or area. Although many of the stereotypic believes have been proven wrong. But still some of them are deeply rooted even now.

These are the ten nation stereotypes that can change the perception of any people towards the other country. But surprisingly all of them are absolutely false. Take a look.

  1. Myth: Irish people are drunker.
    St Patrick's Day Drunk with Copyspace
    But actually, Ireland is not listed in the top 20 countries which are biggest consumer of alcohol.
  1. Myth: French are supercilious about food and just hate America.
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    According to recent report of Pew research, very less countries loves America more than France. And when it comes to food the French restaurants had managed to rank more revenue than any other country.
  1. Myth: Columbia is famous for two things: violence and cocaine.
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    In year 2013, Peru defeated Colombia by exporting maximum cocaine. And when it comes to violence, it’s already ended now.
  1. Myth: Germans are hard-working while Greeks are too lazy.
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    But in reality, German works just 1,408 hours per year whereas Greek spend 2,017 hours of the year
  1. Myth: Africa is badly affected with Ebola.
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    Africa is a big continent which can accommodate China, U.S and much part of Europe. Therefore it’s not liable to say that whole Africa is affected.
  1. Myth: Spanish people are fond of bullfighting.
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    According to the polling done by the native of Spain, most of them voted against this cruel blood sport. In year 2012, it is already banned in Catalonia which is Barcelona’s bustling city.
  1. Myth: British people are usually having bad teeth.
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    According to the report, British teeth are one of the best in the world.
  1. Myth: All Australians are racist.
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    About 87% of the Australians believe that their racial and cultural diversity is adding more benefits to their country which they really appreciated. This was concluded by the recent study.
  1. Myth: plastic surgery is prominent in Venezuela.
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    But actually, it lies on 15 positions in plastic surgeries following countries like Canada and U.S.
  1. Myth: Dutch are stoners.
    Marihuana joint
    But in reality, Netherland is having the lowest marijuana consumption in comparison to other countries.Hopefully now you are quite clear that these stereotypes are absolute misconceptions. It’s better to let them go.Share this make to make more people aware of these misconceptions.