This woman looks after more than 200 dogs that she saved from being killed

Puppies bark and wag their tails as they follow a gray haired woman through a hillside compound that shelters more than 200 dogs. For the last 26 years Jung Myoung has been rescuing and caring for dogs and puppies in South Korea. Jung has moved seven times because of neighbor’s complaints about noise. Watch how she takes care of 200 dogs.

Jung told the Associated Press that her puppies are not hungry. Her babies can live and play freely anywhere. 

200 dogs

Jung is not well off and uses her own money to provide the dogs with food and medicine. She also buys unlucky puppies that are sold to restaurants. 

200 dogs

She also says that people also talk behind her and says why the Jung, who is middle aged woman smiles all the time. 

200 dogs

She don’t care about all this she just focus to feed the puppies. 

200 dogs

Here is the moving video for you:

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Posted by Writical: Daily Post on Tuesday, February 21, 2017