The 10 terrifying and deadly sleeping disorders

Having a good snoozefest night and a refreshing wake- nothing can be better than this. Even the sweetest person of this world could turn into an irritable grump-face when he is losing sleep. Something it seems as if there is no such enough coffee in the whole world which could perk up the person.

If you have one or two rough and sleepless nights than it is nowhere comparable to those who are suffering from the terrible sleep disorders. I will never recommend reading this before going to bed…

Exploding head syndrome: usually the people who are suffering from this get awakened by a loud noise made by their mind after falling asleep for an hour or two. Researchers are still not sure that what causes this sound and its range whether it’s of a gunshot or a scream.

Kleine –Levin syndrome: the sufferers of this disease usually oversleep for about 20 hours every day which is linked with their appetite too. There is no cure available for this syndrome.

Sleep paralysis: the sufferer of this is completely unable to move after falling asleep or after waking up. Along with the narcolepsy, migraines, obstructed sleep apnea and the anxiety disorder, the patient often have that feeling that something hazardous is hovering above them or holding them physically down.

Fatal familial insomnia: as its name suggest this form of insomnia is quite fatal. Within 6 to 32 months after the rise of the symptoms the sufferer ultimately dies. This condition causes a lot of hallucination and the ultimate loss of the motor function along with the brain’s thalamus impairment. As this disease in inheritable therefore there is 50% chance that the children of the sufferer also develop the same disorder.

Sexsomnia: it’s quite similar to sleep walking. In this disorder the sufferer performs all the sexual activities without realizing it during sleeping. It is common in those who are already suffering from sleep walking disorder.

24 hour sleep wake disorder: in this disorder the sufferer is in the continuous state of jet lag and is continuously feeling “out of it”. It quite common among the blind people, they usually deal with a circadian rhythm that causes a sleep -wake cycle of around 25 to 26 hours.

Narcolepsy: the main cause behind this disorder is the autoimmune destruction of hypocretin producing neurons inside the brain that disrupts the regulation of the sleep/wake cycle of a person. As an outcome the sufferer fell asleep without any prior warning by the brain.

Somnambulistic eating:It’s a nocturnal sleep related eating disorder. The sufferer don’t releases that they are spending their evening hours in having the dinner twice or thrice until unless they eventually gain some weight unexplainable.

REM-sleep behavior disorder:It usually occurs when the dreams are vivid during the rapid eye motion. In this the sufferer unconsciously mimics the same thing which is going in the dream. Thankfully this kind of parasomnia is treatable.

Unexpected nocturnal death syndrome: It is most common in young men and especially in the Southeast Asian region, this phenomena means literally sleeping you towards death. Although the cause is not known but still some believe that in this, the victim’s hearts skip the beat and never start again.Therefore if you too are going through some kind of sleep issue then it is advisable to concern a doctor before getting into a big problem. Sleeping is not just about having nightmares that you have forgotten to carry your pants or dreaming about your crushes. It is something really serious.