Steve Harley made mess while announcing the Miss Universe. Here are 15 reactions to that.

You all must know about the hilarious incident where Steve Harley happened to announce the wrong universe mistakenly and the reactions that followed were too funny. For all those who haven’t got the chance to catch a glimpse of this hilarious moment where Steve Harley went all wrong with his Miss Universe announcement, here is the video for you all. Watch out and have fun. The reactions are simply priceless. Anyone would tend to get damn nervous if the person witness a wrong announcement of name during such a crucial moment. Click on the video link and find out the rest of the matter.

  1. Miss Universe

  2. Miss Universe

  3. Miss Universe

  4. Miss Universe

  5. Miss Universe

  6. Miss Universe

  7. Miss Universe

  8. Miss Universe

  9. Miss Universe

  10. Miss Universe

  11. Miss Universe

  12. Miss Universe

  13. Miss Universe

  14. Miss Universe

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