Sometimes celebrities can also be unconditional in spreading their love

Recently a happy moment happened with a
little girl when at DragonCon 2014, she came with a hope to meet her 
favourite character (actor). Wishes like these are not generally fulfilled as there is a
huge crowd who wish just the same. However, this girl was lucky enough to get
this special opportunity which was introduced by Make-A-Wish foundation.

Dawn is a 10 year old girl who is suffering
from a serious disease had a wish to meet Sir Patrick Stewart just once and
look whose wish came true. Dawn enjoyed and cherished the company of him for
about 15 minutes as he had to head towards addressing a huge crowd after that. They
loved each other’s company and Sir Patrick made sure she had the time of her
life near to what she dreamed. Towards the end, Dawn ran up to him to give him
a big and warm hug.
Things like this are really special to some
people and give them moments of their life and the foundations like Make-A-Wish
foundation does such godly work by giving these people the happiness they
deserve working with great efforts.

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