Shape Changing Murals! This is Beautiful

For starters, ‘Space Oddity’ is the amalgamation of the graffiti artists’ experiences with those of the studies of graphic designing as well as anamorphic techniques. Thus, we bring some amazing pictures of the shape changing murals as one walks through them. They offer a totally different aspect of their design from different angles. The colours used in these shape changing murals are relaxing and fresh. These are inspired by anamorphic experiences of Da Vinci and from Holbein as well as contemporary abstract and geometric art. For more info, visit this website.

Space oddity and its first view.

Changing murals

Space Oddity as one progresses further.

Changing murals

Space Oddity from a totally different angle!

Changing murals

Mural’s other aspect.

Changing murals

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Posted by Writical: Daily Post on Tuesday, February 21, 2017