Rudest customers taught lesson by a waitress. Awesome

A waitress was on her last shift when a bunch of customers walked in. These 20 something years old customers thought that they own the world. The waitress was quite busy on that particular day and had to wait on 8 tables. The waitress bought water to the table and gave them time to go through the menu. When the waitress was about to apologize for the wait, one of the girls stopped her. She informed the waitress that they were communicating. These rude customers had no idea what was coming for them. These young girls asked the waitress for appetizers. Since, it was busy day the customers the order took time. They humiliated the waitress for the delay. The waitress then planned to do something about it. Rudest customers taught lesson by a agitated waitress. Read the full post to know how the waitress got her revenge.

Rudest customers taught lesson by a waitress. Awesome

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Posted by Writical: Daily Post on Saturday, February 25, 2017