The picture of mystery palace: Quinta Da Regaleira

Taylor Moore, the Canadian photographer had captures the photos of the mystery and magic of the legendary fort ‘Quinta Da Regaleira’ which is situated in the UNESCO Village near Sintra in Portugal.

This mysterious fort was built by the mutual effort of Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro and Italian architecture and set designer Luingi Manini. These two Noble souls had created this magical and mysterious palace by mixing the Roman, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance.

It’s incredible to take the photographs of the lakes, underground caves, garden and lakes of this palace day and night.

For more information, you can check out the official website and Facebook page of this photographer.

Tower day in this place that is full of beauty
image 1

Well inside Regaleira
image 2

Magical light falling on the fort
image 3

Regaleira Well during Night
image 4

Hidden Caves inside the fort
image 5

Regaleira Tower during Night
image 6

Magical view of Regaleira Macte Animo
image 7

Beautiful designing on the Entrance
image 8

Pond amongst the cluster of leaves
image 9

Beauty door of Regaleira
image 10

Regaleira Well upside down
image 11

Urn head-so well sculpted
image 12

Regaleira in winters fog
image 13

Regaleira Church Blue
image 14

Regaleira from different angle
image 15

Mysterious Alcemy
image 16

Stunning Flare
image 17

Balc of the fort
image 18

Pond inside Regaleira
image 19

Place in the night light
image 20

The mysterious Interior Grotto of palace
image 21

Beautifully designed Interior Alc
image 22

Grotto: appears like part of dark fantasy
image 23

Light circle
image 24

Chapel Flare
image 25

Pathways inside Regaleira
image 26

image 27

Mystery Tunnel
image 28

Regal Chapel inside the fort
image 29

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