Outraged mother stuns everyone paying all Students’ lunch debt

Dominant Gant is a junior section boy of a high school. One day he was eating his lunch in the school cafeteria when the cafeteria lady snatched the tray from him and threw it. Dominant was astounded and mortified seeing this. Later he could understand the actual cause of such behavior. Since Dominant owed less than $5 for earlier unpaid school lunches so the lady behaved like this. It was awkward for him to face such situation in front of the whole lunch room. Amanda Keown, his mother was astonished to hear that her son was not allowed to have lunch for such a cheap reason. There are even such ladies who provide lunch to the children who couldn’t afford to pay for it. To inform a student that his debt is increasing is another matter. But one cannot throw food and insult a student in front of his friends and send a hungry student to the class. So after hearing this insensible act, the outraged mother decides to visit his son’s school. There she not only paid her son’s debt but also all other students’ debt which stunned everyone.  She didn’t want any other student to face similar humiliation like her son so she paid $200. She wanted those students whose parents don’t have money to have food and not to stay hungry. Now God knows whether the school also felt as strong as what Dominant’s mother felt.

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