Mother Polar Bear playing with her baby in the Snow

Probably the biggest zoos of Novosibirsk, Russia became a really happy place once a long awaited wonder; the polar bear came into this world.

On the seventh of December 2015 satisfied undergo oldsters Kay and Gerda gave start to their 2nd born 

Polar Bear

Novosibirsk zoo team of workers used to be concerned that the younger mom would possibly now not settle for the cub; however Gerda proved to be being concerned and accountable 

Polar Bear

As soon as allow them out into the fresh air, cub research the arena with a warning, however, on the comparable time has a laugh enjoying with its mom 

Polar Bear

In the course of March electorate and visitors of Novosibirsk could have a chance to peer the pretty creature 

Polar Bear

See the little cub in motion 

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Posted by Writical: Daily Post on Tuesday, February 21, 2017