Men who did just the opposite to the Death God’s will

Death comes to
all, anytime any day. People believe they can’t control one and only one thing,
which is death. But some people have proved this notion wrong. They were
certainly able to control their deaths many times and would mock seeing it in
front of them refusing to die just then.

See some famous
people in the history that did just the same.

King Zog- This man who was an
Albanian king since 1920s for a decade or so was a big menace for the killers
and assassins. His death or killing was equal to a task which just wouldn’t get
fulfilled. He was tried to kill 50 times in different ways and surprisingly he
still survived. An assassin even shot with twice up-close but in vain. He was
calm enough to address his company that this was a normal thing and happens
often. He then died naturally in his later years.

Grigori Rasputin- This guy was
believed to be involved in some serious black magic and was tried to kill by
the Russian noblemen. Poison was mixed in his wine and cake on all his
birthdays but it had no effect on him. He was also shot by them again and again
but still he refused to die. Later he was wrapped in a rug and was flown in a
river, however, even that didn’t kill him but some disease.

Ferdinand Magellan- He was a
great explorer who had to kill an enemy of Philippines. He was shot by the
enemy with a poison arrow and was also stabbed with a bamboo spear when he came
up shore. The man never gave up and even after continued beating; he fought and
died only when his crew safely escaped.

Blackbeard- This well-known
mean pirate was shot by the governor of Virginia and two ships of Robert
Maynard followed him. Blackbeard mockingly went to Maynard’s ship putting
grenades and other blowing weapons on it with removing a hand of Maynard.
Blackbeard was also stabbed 20 times as well as shot 20 times but died by
falling off his ship while reloading his pistol.

Pablo Escobar- The world’s most
powerful criminal of his time, Pablo was Columbia’s king of cocaine and drugs.
He was a cold-hearted criminal who once had a special task force behind him.
The team members chased the big man to the rooftop and fired infinite number of
bullets on him but that too in vain. The most they did was make him tired of
running. But the most amazing thing being, the man died by shooting himself on
the head.

Charles de Gaulle- He was a
leader of the French resistance movement and was attempted to kill 31 times yet
he was bold and strong enough to take those shots without much hesitation. He
was a strong enough man that when his car was attacked with bullets, he didn’t
even duck under to protect him and did that only after a little insistence from
his helper.

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