Little Josie sings “Old MacDonald” for dad

Little Josie is one of those kids who are sweet to handle. She revealed her musical skills from that time when she was just 23 months old. While enacting in front of camera she even don’t allow others to start on her enthusiasm. Little Josie’s dad Eric once requested to show her own special performance on the children’s classic “Old MacDonald” and that day she brought down the house. She was holding her animal toy hardly under her arms which actually helps in her lyrics. Eric wanted all to hold still to see her “big finish” and he was right. The finishing part of her performance is just delightful so there is confusion that why this video had gone super viral. It received more than eight million views. Little Josie has a talent for singing and posses love for animals which are completely clear to all. We all just hope to see more of this little Josie soon as all her fans are waiting.

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