The Isolated Man with His Dog shares this cave with the world!

Amidst the top desert of the Northern New Mexico, one can listen to the noise of a man bewitched by his work in the underground cave. One can easily spot the tiny entry which opens into a tunnel where the man named Ra Paulette has spent the past 25 years of his life carving out sandstone of the New Mexico into his magnificent work of art. He has spent substantial part of his life working on the art piece with only his dog to accompany him. When asked whether or not he was obsessed with digging caves, his response is really thoughtful. He questions can a child ever be obsessed about playing? This isolated man further adds that if someone loves what he does then the person is driven to indulge in it at all times.

For him, his art is nothing but environmental assignments as his aim is to inspire people so that they unlock emotionally to the massive power that his carved figures evoke. To sum his artwork, one can even say that he has created magic with his carvings in the underground cave. Strikingly, Ra doesn’t think he is an artist. He thinks of himself as a man who simply wants to express his amazement in a passionate way. But people don’t really agree that Ra isn’t an artist because one look at his majestic carving will make one believe in the power of his liveable art.

The video of the isolated man tells the story of Ra. In the video, the isolated man also gives a tour of his stunning underground cave. Surprisingly, isolated man’s work had no recognition till a filmmaker decided to document Ra’s carvings journey. The documentary is titled ‘Cave Digger’ and has also won an academy award.

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