Her husband’s sleeping problem in Church irritated her, so she did this. This is Gold.

Mrs. Jones was disturbed due to the sleeping problem of her husband during sermons at the church. So, she discussed this problem with the minister of the local church. The Reverend gave her an idea to solve the problem of her sleeping husband. He gave a hatpin to Mrs. Jones and said that she will give a poke to her husband when Mr. Reverend will signal her to do so. But that could be possible when Mr. Jones will be sleeping. So as usual, when one Sunday Mr. Jones started sleeping. Seeing that Mr. Reverend asked a question that who made the ultimate sacrifice for you and on that specific moment Mr. Reverend ordered to poke Mr. Jones. Then Mr. Jones cried out saying “Jesus”. The reverend was excited with the answer. What followed next is stunningly funny and epic.


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