Favorite spot of her son visited by mother after he passed away

There is always a special place we would like to go whenever there is any social occasion in our life. We go to those special places with our loved ones. A mother whose son died because of leukemia was visiting her son’s favorite spot. The place was Carolina beach. Near the beach there was also a McDonalds. The mother remembers how her son would have preferred when he gets tired of water. On that particular day her son Cameron would have turned 21 years old. She was just hanging out on the beach of her son’s favorite spot with the chips and fried. There she met two adorable kids. They were pampered by this woman and the kids were playing with her. This woman was good with kids and she loved their company. The parents of these kids were just sitting behind the woman. Read the post to know how these kids made her miss her son.

Favorite spot of her son visited by mother after he passed away

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Posted by Writical: Daily Post on Tuesday, February 21, 2017