Why copper containers should be used for drinking water? WOW

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You must have heard many videos regarding improving health. Here is one such video by Lissa Coffey which discusses the benefits of copper containers. Firstly, it is known that drinking anything from a plastic is not healthy. Lissa discusses what others methods one can use to store water. She prefers using copper containers to store water. She also points out that this method was used by the Egyptians, centuries back and also the Vedic people from India. Copper is one of the most essential elements required by our body. Other benefits of using copper as water storage is that it helps in stimulation of brain. Copper helps in the production of myelin sheaths which is essential for the synapses fire. Our sharpness and cognitive ability is dependent on firing of the myelin sheaths. It also affects helps in the production of melanin, helps in digestion, produces collagen that helps in hair growth, and gives you relief from joint paints. Watch the video below to know other benefits of it.

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