Can you spot the object with your magic eyes?

In the 90’s, Magic Eye books gained became quite popular and its three books sold massively. These three books topped the New York best seller list. The pictures in these books are known as autostereograms. It creates an illusion of a 3D scene with respect to the 2D image. Bela Julesz was the inventor of autostereograms. He is a neuroscientist and psychologist and wanted to prove that the image depth is processed in the brain and not in the eyes. It was perceived during that time that it was eyes that were doing all the magic.

If you are a normal being like us, spotting the object would be difficult but if you have magic eyes you can spot them. The best way to see this hidden object is by looking at the center of the image and keeps concentration on that. Adjust your vision to focus and look at the picture into the distance. After that move your eyes slowly away from it and you will notice the 3D image popping out.

If the above tricks fail then you need to get closer to the image or move farther. You need to start the procedure all over again. There is good chance that you might not be able to spot the 3D. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have magic eyes; it’s just that your eyes are stuck in processing the 2D image. Don’t lose your sleep over it and keep on trying and you will eventually spot the 3D image with your magic eyes.

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