Baby and the slot: the cute adorable best friends

family pets are quite attached with both the adults and kids. Most of us are
having pets like cats, dogs or may be lizard. But it’s quite unusual to have
pet sloth.
Heckathorns family is quite passionate about animals and wildlife. They are having
some really adorable creatures all around their houses. At the time of their
daughter, Alia’s Birth, they adopted a cute sloth and named it as Daisy. Both
of them have turned out as best buddies.

Alia and Daisy
the sloth are best pals, since Alia was born.

After two
days of Alia’s birth, her parents decided to adopt that slot with they have
found at their door.

Parents of
Alia, Julia and Jason were quite happy to see the bonding between these two
best friends.

Both of
them usually have a nice time together. They play together, live together and
love hanging out together.

adorable to see these two cuties sleeping together.

having fun together under the tree: baby Alia, Daisy the sloth and Julia.
The parents
of Alia are very fond of caring animals and conserving them. Julia writes
children book both on educational and fun. In this snap, she is sharing his
work with Daisy and Alia.

Sloths are
quite unusual pets. They are of wild kinds and are having unique diet. But
still the bonding between this baby and sloth washes off all the differences.

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